Thursday, 20 October 2016

Orks: Killa Kans - Part 4 (Dreadtober 2016)

Hi all - it's Dreadtober week 4 and I'm still enjoying working away on my Ork Kans.

This week is all about basing so I've added some snow & grass to the bases so that they fit in with my standard basing scheme and - just because it's Dreadtober - I've also added a few snotlings here and there. When looking at the models they seemed (despite my preference for keeping the palette to a low colour count when I'm working on models [I still wake up screaming when I think back to W40K 2nd edition]) to need something else to detract from the reds & metals. Details are still to be added but I'm mentally struggling to think of other colours that I feel will work on these models so adding some details that aren't part of the actual Kans themselves seemed a valid choice.

Half Kan, half Titan (Front)

Half Kan, half Titan (Rear)

Kan#2 (Front)

Kan#2 (Rear)
Kan#3 (Front)

Kan#3 (Rear)

Rogue Trader Dread (Front)

Rogue Trader Dread (Rear)

Put the bins out - it's collection day
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Orks: Killa Kans - Part 3 (Dreadtober 2016)

Episode 3 of my Dreadtober project is complete.

I have undercoated (black), drybrushed (chainmail - old flavour of GW paint) and laid on the majority of the base color for the Kans (Burnt Umber, Red, Blood Angel Orange and Orange).

I gave the bases a bit of a quick drybrush too.

And so far I'm very pleased with the result:
Kan#1 Rear

Kan#1 Front

Kan#2 Front

Kan#2 Rear
 I've gained a new found respect for the next model. Until I started painting it I didn't quite realise how much detail was on it. It's actually a splendid model - not sure why I ignored it for 20-odd years.
Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought Front

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought Rear



Da Boyz in da Binz
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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Epic Ultramarines: Land Raider Detachment

In addition to the two Land Raider squadrons I've already posted, here is a full Land Raider detachment to finish off the heavier armour in my Epic Marine force.

This isn't the end of the armour, however, as I have a boatload of Whirlwinds, Predators, Vindicators and others besides. They will be posted in due course as I get around to them.

Next on the Epic agenda will be some Titans, I think.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Orks: Killa Kans - Part 2 (Dreadtober 2016)

It's Dreadtober Week 2.

The objective for this week is to get your model(s) built so I've been busily drilling, pinning and gluing and this is what I've produced:

So all those bits have resolved themselves into four models. Some improvisation has had to be done. I mentioned before that this was a pile of eBay junk. If you look, you will see that only the model with the red-tipped missiles actually appears to be a complete Killa Kan.

The model behind it to the right has an improvised left arm (I think there should be another joint but there's a bit missing).

The model behind it to the left is sporting a right-arm the like of which I have never seen. It certainly looks Orky, but seems way too big for a Kan. Also, I didn't notice at first but it doesn't have regular Kan legs - they are actually legs from an earl 1990's Epic scale (6mm) Imperial Reaver Titan model! I happen to know this for a fact as I'm part-way through painting one for my Epic Ultramarines project.

Front left is a legacy Ork dreadnought from way back in the Rogue Trader era, but the original hatch is long lost so this is a Rogue Trader Rhino hatch with a boss-pole that was originally from one of the other Kans but snapped off. Since the RT model is comparatively light on detail I thought it might work better there.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Vampire Counts: Bat Swarm

I've painted a lot of models since I started roleplaying and wargaming 30 years ago. These have got to be the most annoying models ever.

They're lead which - as I'm sure you all know - is soft. The little "stalks" are also lead. Guess what happens?

Go on - guess.

That's right - they bend. And break.

Guess what else - they're so small that drilling in order to pin and replace the stalks is very difficult.

The sculpts themselves are OK if a bit cartoony, I guess.

Anyway - I'd not long before visited a museum which had a stuffed bat and the one thing that struck me was how not-black bats actually are. Their wings are very like parchment and they seem to be very pinkish - presumably from bloodflow - along the boney parts.

I tried to incorporate some of that into my bats (and Varghulf and other models too).
1st three bases

2nd three bases

Whole unit
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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Orks: Killa Kans - Part 1 (Dreadtober 2016)

It's Dreadtober!

I was aware of Dreadtober last year but I've decided to join in and have a go this year for the fun of it.

I've got this bundle of stuff which I got from ebay some time ago and since I'm working on Orks anyway I thought "kill two birds with one rokkit" and signed up.

Buried in with these 3 kans (which are all metal by the way) is a Rogue Trader era Ork Dreadnought too. I'm not sure how that will fit into the force yet, but it's getting painted!

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Space Marines: Tactical squad #2

I haven't made any progress on the Marines for a while so I thought I'd pull my finger out and complete the updates on another squad.

They've had their bases tarted up and decals applied so are in their finished form.

It's the usual mix of older and newer models. Some of these guys are metal models from the Rogue Trader era (notably the "beaky" marines with the decals on their leg armour)

The power-claw on the sergeant is of minor interest too - it's actually from the first "Imperial Guard" plastic set that GW produced.

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