Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 2

I have made a tentative start on corrupting one of my Imperial Knight models.

I have very little in the way of skills with green-stuff which is kind-of the point of doing this exercise - I intend to go totally mental with it in order to try and force myself to improve.

So I've kicked things off by adding a few details as follows:

To start things off I simply glued a few Nurglings to a base...

Then added some Chaos-death-spikey bits modelled to look like they're erupting through a fleshy skin...

More spikey bits, a few buboes, some Nurgle's rot and a gash...

Some more spikey bits, buboes and rot on a pauldron...

And I hacked some holes in some head armour and added a gash here too
I'm not done with this lot yet. I want to add more detail (I need to work out how to sculpt some maggots for a start-off), Nurglings and all sorts of claws and flesh-effects.

It's a tentative start so far, but I'm happy enough. It's obvious already that this project is going to take a while from start to end.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Vampire Counts: Zombies (Part 2)

I present here another small unit of Zombies.

I've followed the same practice as in my previous unit of mounting a mixture of 2- or 3 zombies on 40mm bases with a few Renedra grave markers scattered amongst them.

I think the not-ranked-neatly approach works well for Zombies. I'll probably do the same for my Ghouls, but they're a way off yet.

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 1

I did it again.

Instead of staying focused on the various projects I was already working on, I started another one.

"What a maroon!" as Bugs Bunny might have said.

So what am I up to this time? Well, I bought three Imperial Knight models off some nice people on eBay and I'm planning to go mental with Green Stuff and turn them into Knights of Nurgle.

I bought this guy, who was a BNIB still on sprues chappy. I'm not quite finished building it:

And this guy who was partially constructed. Only one problem - the carapace-mounted multi-launcher is missing. I might have to get creative (it's more fun than just buying from a bitz store):

And this guy. Fairly nicely painted - looked promising on the photos. I would have repainted him anyway, but that's not the point. The point is that I should have looked closer at the photos. The person who built it, did a nice job with one exception. They glued the fully constructed, painted-before-they-glued-it-together legs and torso the wrong way around so his chest was facing backwards. I had to hacksaw it in two.

I'm looking forward to building and getting creative with this bunch. It will test and hopefully force me to improve my sculpting skills and should be a good laugh to boot!

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Epic Ultramarines: Veteran Squad 1

Just before I completely derail myself again by starting a project that is going to detract from the projects I'm already working on, I thought I'd test my willpower by completing a couple of the jobs I'm actually supposed to be working on.

So I have a unit of Veterans here for my 6mm  Ultramarines, and I'm hoping to next complete a unitof Zombies for my Undead.

Then I will fall off the "I've been behaving myself for a while by staying 'on-task'" bandwagon by starting something I've been resisting for a while. Nurgle Knights for 30K/40K.

It will entail going totally nuts with greenstuff and developing/testing my sculpting skills to the limit, but it should be fun.
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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Epic Ultramarines: Devastator Squad #1

I've completed (almost) another unit of foot for my 6mm Ultramarines.

I say almost as when I built them I was working from memory.

My wife tells me my memory is terrible, but I don't remember ever forgetting anything.

Until now - my recollection of Epic unit sizes was that they consisted of 3 x Rhinos and 5 x stands of infantry. I was browsing through my NetEpic rules, however, and found that I'm wrong about that and there should be 6 x stands.

So I owe this unit another stand of Devastators. I'll redress the balance when I come to do the next unit.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Orks: Gretchin Herd #1

The Orks are back!

I've not lifted a digit on this army since last year so I thought it was high time to add another unit.

So I renovated a salvaged unit of Gretchin and Runtherd and got them painted up ready to hit the table.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Epic: Ultramarines - Tactical Squad #1

Two weeks without a blog post! Wow. Don't think I've ever done that before.

I decided I was well overdue to add some infantry to my Epic Ultramarine force so I dug out and repainted some of my old tactical marines.

They are shown here alongside three of the Rhinos I've already completed as this is most likely how they'll be fielded.

I'll carry on in a similar vein, I think, as apart from anything else I have squillions of Rhinos and this will stop me painting more than I need.

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