Anglo-Saxons (Saga)

In late 2015 after doing a swap with my good friend Mike (He gave me a shedload of surplus models he'd picked up when building forces for the Saga wargame in exchange for some surplus Mantic Undead I had knocking around) I started working on a force for the Saga game.

Mike was also kind enough to supply rulebooks and battleboards - everything I needed to get into the game.

I got stuck straight in and started to build an Anglo-Saxon force.

My intention was to do a basic paintjob on these guys and then use Armypainter dip (they were to be my first experiment with dipping). In the event I had such fun painting the Warlord (my first model) that I did all the highlighting ad shading by brush so the dipping never happened.

I was working with donated models (and, being "tight",  wanted to avoid spending any money on these guys and also to squeeze out as many forces from Mike's kind donation as I could) so some compromises were made in the builds, but hopefully I've not been so historically inaccurate that I'll offend anyone.

My Warlord - a Gripping Beast Saxon Thegn with a cape added

A unit of Hearthguard: Wargames Factory mounted Germans, but with Saxon heads from the Thegn sprues.

A second unit of Hearthguard - GB Saxon Thegns
A unit of Warrirors - GB Saxon Thegns with Dark Age Warrior heads
Levies - GB Dark Age Warriors
A third and final unit of hearthguard - GB Saxon Thegns again
My second and final unit of Warriors (GB Saxon Thegns with GB Dark Age Warrior heads), with shield decals. 
All 41 models in the force, complete with shield decals applied to all.

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