Imperial Guard (Warhammer 40,000)

This page is intended to showcase my Imperial Guard army.

A note on the models

I've been collecting this army since about 1990. As you'll see from the photos below, most of the troops in the army are old "Imperial Army" models from Warhammer 40000's infancy. I have added modern tanks, flyers and walkers to give them the armour support they need.

This army is a really eclectic mix of models. When GW first started producing Imperial Army models they didn't have a particular fixed look to them. The idea that every model in the army would be wearing the same armour just didn't seem to figure in. The result was a rag-tag look that I liked a lot.

That changed when the first plastic models were released as they were all similar to each other but as they were still a little different from the metal models that had preceded them you could mix them in and swell your army for not too much outlay.

More recently I added a few modern Catachan models in here and there to further increase the size of the army.

A note on the paint jobs

Since painting these models my painting has improved a lot. I decided, though, that apart from the tanks and walkers and a few minor touch ups I was going to leave the original paint jobs intact. So all troops are as originally painted (the only exceptions being that the officers' hats & cloaks have been updated and all the "special" and "heavy" weapons have been updated to match each other and look a little more weathered). A couple of models have moved from one unit to another and so I have updated the little flashes of colour that I tried to use to make each unit look cohesive with it's fellows but distinct from other units. Aside from that all that is new is the paint on the tanks and walkers. As I recently added the Valkyrie and Baneblade to the army and their paint jobs are so much better than those on the Chimeras, Hellhound, Leman Russes and Sentinels (of which I've added a load more to the army anyway) that I just had to repaint them.

One of the things I wanted to do with this army is to get away from the "everyone has the same flesh-tone" thing that a lot of people (GW included) seem to automatically produce. I live on a planet where we have humans with black, white, red, yellow and olive skin tones (to name a few) and I see no reason that all those branches of humanity won't make it into space and I wanted to reflect that in this army, so you'll find a number of skin colours in this force.

All that said, I'd ask you to bear in mind that in many cases this was the first real army I'd painted and was proud of. As such a lot of the paint you'll see below is my original "still learning to paint" work. The exceptions are the Vehicles and Walkers - they stood out so badly as my painting improved that I have repainted them all to the same standard.

Three of my Commissars

Company Command Squad

Platoon Squad #6

Ogruns (converted from Warhammer Ogres)


Stormtroopers (Militarum Tempestus scions in "new-speak")

Special Weapons Team (snipers)

Rough Riders

Sanctioned Psyker

Heavy Weapons Team #1

Platoon Squad #1

Commissar Yarrick

The command Sentinel from my Sentinel platoon...
The command Sentinel again from another angle
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Heavy Weapons Squad #2
Platoon Squad #2

My Baneblade
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My Valkyrie
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Scout Sentinels
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Platoon Squad #5

More Commissars

Heavy Weapons Squad #3

Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons

Platoon Squad #4
Heavy weapons team #4 - mortars

Platoon Squad #3

Platoon Command Squad #2
Platoon Squad #4

Platoon Command Squad #3

Armoured Sentinels with Multi-lasers

The entire Sentinel Platoon
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First Leman Russ (an ebay salvage job - the sponsons are metal and actually come from an old Marine Predator)

Second Leman Russ

Third Leman Russ

The Whole Leman Russ Squadron
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First Chimera

Second Chimera (the side armour was missing when I bought this so I made some out of cardboard!)

My first two Chimeras
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My Hellhound
And last but not least:
Third Chimera - Thanks to Mike for donating this!

Fourth Chimera

My second pair of Chimeras
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All my non-super-heavies

This is a model I built for a "Cities of Death" game to represent a Guard-Specific Strategic Asset called a "Killdozer" - basically a robotic demolition charge. Roll it into a building anfd then "Foom!" (or in my case "Phut" - I've used it twice and it's failed both times).